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BB 6 highlights – Sweets Tasks Fight went through the whole day!



Actor Kamal Haasan has been hosting the Bigg Boss show on Star Vijay TV for the last 5 seasons. In this Bigg Boss show, YouTuber GP Muthu, Music Artist Asal Kolar, Serial Actor Aseem, Transgender Shivin Ganesan, Dance Master Robert, Model Sherina, Cricketer Ram Ramasamy, Rap Singer Aryan Dinesh (ADK), Model Sherina, Host Janani, KPY Amudavanan, VJ Maheshwari, VJ Kathiravan, Satya serial actress Ayesha, Maina, Erode Tik Tok celebrity Dhanalakshmi, Actress Rachita Mahalakshmi, Aishwarya Rajesh’s brother Manikandan Rajesh, Metti Oli Shanti Aravind, VJ Vikraman, Model Quincy Stanley, Singaporean model Nivashani, Maina and 21 others. Persons participated.

BB 6 highlights
BB 6 highlights

GP Muthu, who impressed many of them, left Bigg Boss saying that she remembers her son. Following this, ‘Metti Oli’ Shanthi was eliminated as the first elimination. Next up, in the episode aired on October 30, Azeem? Is it original? Maheshwari? There was a lot of talk about who has going to be eliminated, Kamal announced that Maheshwari has not eliminated first. Finally, Kamal announced that the originally evicted. Then last week, Kamal Haasan announced Sherina’s elimination by showing her a name card written in Malayalam.

BB 6 highlights

A factory task is happening inside the Bigg Boss house. Bigg Boss housemates have divided into two groups and have shops. Competitors are outpacing and collecting cards for these sweets at home. In this, there is a push between Dhanalakshmi and Manikandan, and finally, the goods end up in Manikandan’s hands.

BB 6 highlights
BB 6 highlights

In this, Dhanalakshmi says that Manikandan pushed her away in a rage and snatched her from her hand, and took the items. Manikandan said that Dhanalakshmi was disrespectful in this speech and said, “How old are you? How do you call me ‘Da’?” That is still boiling. After that their fight continues inside the Bigg Boss house. And Dhanalakshmi asks the other housemates to witness who saw this, to which Manikandan furiously replies that he didn’t grab the things from his hand, pushing him away as Dhanalakshmi says.

Their argument continues like this in this house. In the end, Dhanalakshmi said furiously, take it any way you want. However, when Tanaletsumi cries several hours after the fight, Maina playfully teases Tanaletsumi, saying, “Boss shouldn’t cry, boss”. Also, Maina sings the song “En Dittuk Kannkutty”. In this situation, Manikandan gets up and walks towards Dhanalaskhmi and calls Dhanalaskhmi ‘sister’ and pacifies him. Seeing this, the housemates clapped and got excited.

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