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BB 6 Azeem – Here are some highlights from the House!



After watching the third promo of today’s episode of the Bigg Boss show, netizens are saying that Bigg Boss Vida can’t believe it. Bigg Boss Season 6 has reached its 95th day. Next week, the finale of Bigg Boss will be celebrated with a bang. In view of this, celebrities who have participated in the Bigg Boss program so far are re-entering the Bigg Boss house. As it is the week before the finale, Bigg Boss is also giving fun tasks. Here is BB 6 Azeem update.

But the housemates are fighting even more. Meanwhile, the third promo for today’s episode has been released. In this, you too can become Bigg Boss. It has revealed that VJ Kathiravan has become Bigg Boss in the task. For this, Kathiravan has been giving tasks to the housemates as they sit in the confession room.

BB 6 Azeem
BB 6 Azeem

Accordingly, the housemates sit in front of Plasma to tell fellow contestants why they are the best in this house. Speaking in the first person, ADK Maina says that it is difficult to see a positive person like Nandini. Vikraman who speaks next praises Azeem. That is, Azeem’s love shown in some places, his speaking skills, he never got tired in any place and he has been carrying severe criticism for 14 weeks. He says it takes a lot of courage.

Azeem who comes next praises Vikraman. He says that he sees Vikraman in this house as an example that anger should not affect any place. Netizens who have seen this promo, is this Bigg Boss house? They are saying that they cannot believe it. It is also rumored that Kathir will show some performance at the last moment.

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