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BB 28th Nov Highlights – This week’s tasks are more violent!



Shivin Ganesan cries: Dhanalakshmi makes him cry by talking about Shivin Ganesan’s mother in the name of a task at home in Bigg Boss 6. Dhanalakshmi made Shivin cry by talking about his mother when there was criticism that the Bigg Boss task was boring.

This week in the Bigg Boss 6 house, tribal people have given an alien task. One section is alien and another section is tribal people. The house has also modified to suit it. The audience who saw this task said the knee is the cruel knee. In this case, a promo video has released in which Shivin is crying while leaving Dhanalakshmi in the name of speeding up the task.

BB 28th Nov Highlights
BB 28th Nov Highlights

BB 28th Nov Highlights

Dhanalakshmi has spoken badly about Shivin Ganesan’s mother. Seeing that Shivin got angry and asked why did you do this, Dhanalakshmi said with a smile, Task Shivin. Have I ever bugged you for a task? You know how much my mother touches me. Knowing how you can look at me and ask that. You may not understand my emotions. But Shivin cries saying I understand your emotions. Dhanalakshmi was laughing merrily.

Those who have seen the promo video have said, “Do you want to make someone cry in the name of Task?” Dhanalakshmi should be given a red card for insulting the mother of a transgender woman. This one is very bad. Never seen a bad character like Dhanalakshmi. She will talk about anything in the name of the task. This is to be expected. Don’t take everything Dhanalakshmi says too seriously, says Shivin.

BB 28th Nov Highlights
BB 28th Nov Highlights

Dhanalakshmi’s name is in the nomination for Bigg Boss Eviction. ADK nominated him. For those who have seen today’s promo video, the right sketch is for Dhanalakshmi. Quota Quincy will be saved this week. They say that Kota will not talk down like this. And some people, this is called a task, why are you bullying us like this Bigg Boss? They say to put pressure on the creative team first, ask them to think carefully, and give them an interesting task.

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