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Bayilvan on Kamal Haasan – Here are some BB highlights!



Actor Kamal Haasan has said that he is scared of Vikraman on the Bigg Boss show. Actor Kamal Haasan is afraid of Vikraman, who has participated in the Bigg Boss show, says actor Ranganathan. Bigg Boss Season 6 has been airing on Vijay TV since last October. Mostly small-screen celebrities have participated in it. Most of them are from Vijay TV. This time in the Bigg Boss show, Dhanalakshmi as a commoner, and Vikraman as a political figure has participated in the Bigg Boss show.

Bayilvan on Kamal Haasan
Bayilvan on Kamal Haasan

Bayilvan on Kamal Haasan

Vikraman, who belongs to the LTTE party, looks relaxed in the Bigg Boss house. Vikram who has been giving respect to his fellow contestants is also talking about fairness. Due to this, Vikraman is getting better reception among fans than other contestants. Seeing the way Vikraman behaves in the Bigg Boss house, praises are also pouring in on social media.

Meanwhile, actor and journalist Ranganathan have said that actor Kamal Haasan, the host of the show, is afraid of Vikraman, who has participated in Bigg Boss. Many celebrities are criticizing the Bigg Boss show on their YouTube page. In that way, he has criticized the Bigg Boss show. In it he has said that Kamal is afraid of Vikraman. Kamal, who is questioning all the contestants, is talking jokingly without asking Vikraman, the leader of the Liberation Tigers Party. Whenever Vikraman does something wrong, Kamal brushes it aside without pointing it out. Kama Haasan is not hosting this season as he has done in previous seasons.

Bayilvan on Kamal Haasan

Actor Ranganathan has said that Bigg Boss is a program that instills villainy in people’s minds. And only those who fight are kept in the Bigg Boss house. He has criticized Asim who has earned the hatred of 80 percent of the people in the Bigg Boss house. The participant also expressed his displeasure that people vote for those who fight. And Kamal Haasan, Bigg Boss, and the contestants have blasted everyone as the task given by Bigg Boss is a task for fighting.

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