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Azeem’s huge Fight – Here are some highlights from Bigg Boss House!



Azeem is acknowledging stealth. Manikandan is angry at seeing it. Azeem put his hand on the head of the sinners that he was sick. Bigg Boss 6 fought with Azeem Amudhavanan at home. Azeem tapped the cheek to say Vanu Amudhavanan. After this, seen fell faint. He looked at him and fell asleep inside the Alien team. Azeem used that opportunity and stole flowers. It is today that the promo video has been released.

Azeem laughed as if Manikandan asked if he would drink the flower, and asked if had taken the flower. Then Azeem spoke as if he knew nothing about Bigg Boss. Manikandan pleaded as if to take, please tell Bigg Boss. Housemates also know who is with the booth. This is why some people come and took the short film, said Maina Nandini. After that, Manikandan asked if you did not take Azeem.

Azeem’s huge Fight

Azeem’s huge Fight
Azeem’s huge Fight

I took the flower. Azeem said this was Task. This is not a task. You should not have been sleeping inside. Azeem began giving the lecture, as usual, saying that he was sick. Seeing it, Manikandan empty the place, saying that he was right. Those who have seen the promo video have said that the promo video is about what happened to me today. This is your game in Big Boss. Housemates are fun to talk to Azeem. This is the 6th promo video that is centered on Azeem. They have questioned whether you have no other person if you leave the man.

Sherina fell asleep during the task because she was sick. But it is okay to steal the Azeem flowers that slept inside the sin. He questioned Sherina about what she did and left the house. But the Bigg Boss audience has said that it is only to celebrate Azeem.

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