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Azeem Vs Amudhavanan – Check out the Bigg Boss updates here!



Fans are demanding a red card for Azeem, who scored Amudhavanan at the Bigg Boss event. Azeem is one of the competitors who participated in the Bigg Boss event. The iconic actor is already embroiled in various controversies. Azeem, a father of a child, was whispering with a serial actress. Following this, his wife divorced him. Speaking about this at the Bigg Boss event, Azeem tears that his wife did not even see his son.

Azeem Vs Amudhavanan
Azeem Vs Amudhavanan

Azeem Vs Amudhavanan

It has revealed that the actress had spoken poorly of a serial shooting so Azeem apologized. Serial actor actress has also claimed that this is the case in the Aseem Shooting Spot, which is always a dispute with fellow competitors in the Bigg Boss house. Azeem has been involved in a heated argument with fellow competitors since participating in the Bigg Boss event. Azeem is routinely practicing the task to the problem in any task. He is also talking to fellow competitors. Ayesha, Vikraman, Dhanalakshmi, Shivin, Amudhavanan, ADK, and Azeem, who has not left anyone, is mocking all the competitors.

Azeem has made a deluge at Bigg Boss home this week. The task has given to tribal people and aliens this week. Amudhavanan, who is the Alien, is one of the tribal people. Azeem, who then came in, is aggressively beating Amudhavanan. He tells Azeem as you beat me, he shouted, “If you have a chest, do not beat me up, do not have the courage.

Azeem Vs Amudhavanan
Azeem Vs Amudhavanan

Seeing these scenes at the Bigg Boss show, they have also claimed that Azeem Bigg Boss is a person who is not even qualified to be in the house and is a qualified competitor to get a red card. Azeem has already been involved in a confrontation with Bigg Boss Housemates several times.

There was a demand that he should be given a red card. But Kamal Haasan left with just varnish. In this case, Azeem was involved in the Violence and went to the level of attacking Amudhavanan. Fans have claimed that if Azeem is still in the house of Bigg Boss, it can be a danger to other competitors.

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