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Azeem Simply Waste – Check out the Bigg Boss highlights here!



Bigg Boss has humiliated two contestants as simply waste. In the first promo of today’s episode of Bigg Boss, Azeem smiled as if he didn’t know when Manikandan asked who picked the flowers. He also said that Bigg Boss will make a short film about who took the flowers. He said that some people are playing because of this to make a tough Maina short film. Azeem Simply Waste board on his neck.

Later he confessed that he was the one who stole the flowers. This is necessary for admitting you to be seriously ill. He told you straight to your face that you should not be trusted. He said that Azeem is creating some problems every week to get attention in the second promo that was released after this.

Azeem Simply Waste
Azeem Simply Waste

And Azeem categorically stated that he is a swashbuckler and that he is not always a strong player. But Azeem blamed Vikraman and called himself a strong player. Meanwhile, the third promo for today’s episode has been released. In this, Bigg Boss brings two boards kept in the store room and strangles Azeem and Maina.

Simply Waste is written on the board. Maina and Azeem have been selected as the worst performers, so Bigg Boss has told them not to hang this board before sending them to jail. Azeem is needlessly struggling with tasks to keep the cameras focused on him. He also laid hands on Amudavanan. Due to this, the netizens are demanding that he should be sent out with a red card.

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