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Azeem Donates Money – He decided to donate to Orphans!



Bigg Boss season 6 started in October last year. A total of 21 contestants participated in this season, unlike any other season. And within a few days of the start of the season, the show started heating up with fights and controversies. So, fans were more excited to watch this season than other seasons. In the first few weeks of the show, GP Muthu was the most popular contestant. But he left the competition on his own because he could not bear to be apart from his family. Azeem Donates Money to Orphanage children whose parents died in Corona.

Azeem Donates Money
Azeem Donates Money

After that, the contestants who got fewer votes each week were eliminated in the final week, Kathiravan, Amudhavanan, Shivin, Nandhini, Azeem, and Vikraman. In this, Kathiravan and Amudhavanan left with the cash box and Maina Nandhini got fewer votes and left. Vikraman, Azeem, and Shivin entered the finals. While it was expected by many that Vikraman would win the Bigg Boss title, Azeem got more votes and became the owner of the Bigg Boss title and fifty lakhs.

Azeem’s supporters are celebrating his victory while some are criticizing his victory. Recently, according to the information, Azeem has decided to give half of the winning money to the children who have lost their parents due to Corona. It is noteworthy that the fans who has heard this are praising Azeem a lot.

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