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Azeem Cries – Here are some highlights from Bigg Boss!



Bigg Boss has made Azeem, known for fighting, cry. A related promo video has released. Bigg Boss 6 has reached its 103rd day. In this case, Bigg Boss calls the contestants one by one to the stage and congratulates them. In that way, today they released a promo video praising Azeem.

The audience said that if Bigg Boss 6 is worth watching, it is because of Azeem and Dhanalakshmi. Dhanalakshmi has expelled from it. In this case, Bigg Boss has said about Azeem that even when the whole house stood against him, he played this Bigg Boss competition completely and won the hearts of the people without fear.

Azeem Cries
Azeem Cries

Azeem Cries

I came to this house alone to play the game. They aired the video where Azeem had earlier said that I am going to leave home and keep all the friendships I have made here. After that, Bigg Boss said that if there is a lot of sadness in the heart, there will be a lot of anger outside. He said all the best to overcome all these tragedies and travel toward a new life.

Azeem kept crying after hearing what Bigg Boss said. They ended the promo video with that cry. No one expected Azeem, who is known for his anger, to cry this much. Viewers have said that he seems to have suffered a lot. I came here to play games. Azeem is doing as he said that he will keep friendships outside the house. He can be given a generous title. Supporters have said that if a single person thinks there are no barriers, the song is suitable for him.

Azeem Cries
Azeem Cries

Others have said that this is the world’s greatest act, Sammy. No matter what you do, you won’t get a title. Vikraman is going to get the title. If Azeem fights whenever you see him, there will be no one in your life. Minimize the fight any longer. Everything Big says about Azeem alone is over the top. They have said that Bigg Boss has proved that he likes Azeem very much.

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