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Atharva Trailer – New Graphic Novel for the first time in India!



The web series ‘Atharva’, is being formed entirely with graphics. The star former Team India captain, MS Dhoni, is in the lead role. This web series is based on a novel. The title of the novel is ‘Atharva: The Origin’. The Team also telling a very different story. The trailer for Atharva’s novel and the cover page of the book has unveiled by Tamil superstar Rajinikanth. The trailer for Atharva’s novel begins with Dhoni’s words. Dhoni said in the video that the novel has a story to make it feel wonderful and that the graphics photos. Also, the Book has printed to make it look like real characters. Dhoni has also said the book can be ordered on Amazon.

Atharva Trailer
Atharva Trailer

Speaking on the occasion of the launch of the novel’s trailer, superstar Rajinikanth said that he wants Atharva’s novel to be well received. He said that the book was wonderfully designed and expressed the belief that the story would surely be liked by everyone. Also, he opined that the scattered photos in the story and the contents of the characters made the flower very special.

Atharva Trailer

The background score in the trailer was so powerful that Atharva, the key character, was also introduced. Dhoni shows the animation model at the end of the trailer. It remains to be seen whether the web series will be counted with the same josh. Also, the chances of the web series speeding up are even higher in the wake of the response coming to the novel.

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