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Anirudh’s Era – He is now Highest Paid Music Director in the South!



In recent times a movie has to create good hype which means that the songs in the movie have to go very easily into the crowd first. Otherwise, the openings will not be as good as expected for any film. Anirudh Ravichandran is one of the top music directors in the South industry right now with his music. No matter what kind of music is given, it will be a way to connect people from all walks of life. Composing any character in his own style, Anirudh is currently one of the highest-paid music directors in the South industry as well as across the country.

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Anirudh’s Era
Anirudh’s Era

In a way, no one is even giving Anirudh the right competition. It has to be said that even the top music directors in the form are lagging behind in his aggression. Although Yuvan Shankar Raja and Santhosh Narayanan are doing well in the Tamil industry, Anirudh is getting more opportunities than them. In Telugu, Devi Sri Prasad and Thaman are also said to be after him. Because now he also has a special focus on Tollywood.

Anirudh’s Era
Anirudh’s Era

Anirudh has been selected for the upcoming Big Pan India movie in the combination of NTR fights. Anirudh, who has a huge success with Vikram recently, also created good hype for the film with his background music. He has a lot of big movies in his hands right now though. For the first time in Bollywood too, Anirudh is going to compose music for the movie Jawan. Also, he is going to provide music for some other top heroes like Rajinikanth and Ajith. It is to be said that Anirudh will go to another level in the coming days.

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