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Anbuselvan Poster – Gautham has shocked by seeing this!



Gautham Menon has said that he has nothing to do with the Anbu Selvan First Look poster film. The First Look poster as Anbu Selvan starring Gautham Menon went viral fast on the internet. Director Pa. Ranjith posted this First Look poster on his Twitter page. Many fans who saw this First Look poster were congratulating Gautham Menon. Gautham Menon, who shared Pa. Ranjith’s Twitter post, said that the film has nothing to do with me. He said on his Twitter, this is shocking news for me. I know nothing about this film that I am supposed to be starring in. I have never met the director in this poster and do not know who he is.

Anbuselvan Poster

Gautham has shocked by seeing Anbuselvan Poster. The producer has got a very big name with this First look. It is shocking and frightening for me to do such a thing so easily. The film is produced by Seventy Studios and directed by Vinod Kumar. Suriya’s character name in the film ‘Kakka Kakka’ directed by Gautham Menon is ‘Anbuselvan’. Currently, Gautham Menon is directing the movie Simbu and Vendu Thanindhathu Kaadu. And Soori is playing the most important police role in the release film directed by Vetrimaran. Following Gautam Menon’s tweet, Pa. Ranjith deleted the post from his Twitter page.

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