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Amudhavanan’s Advise – Here are some Bigg Boss Highlights!



Actor Kamal Haasan has been hosting the Bigg Boss show on Star Vijay TV for the last 5 seasons. GP Muthu, who impressed many of them, left Bigg Boss saying that she remembers her son. Following this, Metti Olli Shanti left as the first elimination. Then in the following weeks, Asal and Sherina left. In this case, VJ Maheshwari was eliminated last week. Here is Amudhavanan’s Advise to Janani.

At the end of the week, actor Kamal Haasan appeared and discussed the past week’s activities with the housemates. Then, is Janani acting as Amudhavanan’s pawn? Kamal Haasan asked Vikraman. Then, fellow contestants accused Amudhavanan of protecting Janani from playing the sweet shop task. At that time, Janani had said that she was not acting as anyone’s puppet.

Amudhavanan’s Advise
Amudhavanan’s Advise

In this case, Janani is talking with Amudavanan in the garden area. At that time, in a long speech about the dice issue, Amudavanan said, “I have analyzed everything. What is Vikraman thinking? I understand what religious people are thinking. That’s all I’m saying. Whatever you are, talk after the end of this show. You’re behaving rightly. But I’m just saying that you won’t get caught. “That’s it. I want the religious community to benefit. No one should face any problem,” he says.

Also, Amudavanan has accused Vikraman of using Janani as a pawn due to his hatred towards him. Amudavanan then spoke, “Which team are you in? You went for Ram. So, there is no such thing. How can someone say that I am using you as a die?” He says.

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