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Amazon Prime Subscription Price – Increases up to 50%



To the corporate. No matter how much is said about the difference between public sector companies, it seems to make a difference. But it is very well understood when it comes to experience. Starting with the free in the corporate first. It is known that it is a habit to charge the nose after a good habit. Recently, there has been criticism that Amazon Prime is moving in the same direction. The reason for this is the recent huge increase in its subscription prices. When the people of the country are not accustomed to OTTs while introducing that experience by getting used to cheap prices it is noteworthy to increase the subscription to fifty percent at once fresh. Normally, it takes a while for the Indian people to get used to the OTT platform.

Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime Subscription Price

Amazon Prime Subscription Price:

It is not easy for the Telugu people. But when the corona to the lockdown blow that came with its OTT entertainment was not just introduced to the taste of people who have nothing has now become a habit. Once one second instead of being a subscriber to OTTs now many have become subscribers to OTTs. In addition to this with the option to add one subscriber three-four connections the number of OTTs has increased. Looks like Amazon Prime has figured this out.

Prime Video
Amazon Prime Subscription Price

That’s why he made the latest decision to massively increase his subscription prices. The annual subscription has been increased from Rs 999 to Rs 1499. The monthly subscription ranges from Rs 129 to Rs 179. The three-month subscription has been increased from Rs 329 to Rs 459. Amazon has not clarified when the inflated prices will take effect. It is learned that Disney Hot Star has recently increased its subscription price. It is known to increase it to Rs.499 instead of the previous Rs.399. Recently came the Amazon turn. It is rumored that in the coming days, the rest of the OTT platforms will also be able to follow in the footsteps of Amazon. Making a habit. After that, it is a habit to collect nose flour. It must be said that the matter has been proved once again.

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