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Aelay releases on Vijay TV – as confirmed by the Producer!



The producer has announced that he will be releasing the film live on Vijay TV as the controversy over the release of the film Aelay continues. The official announcement is currently out.

Aelay Poster

YNOT Studios, Reliance Entertainment, and Wallwatcher Films have produced the movie ‘ Aelay ‘. Halitha Shameem directed this film and starring Samuthirakani and Manikandan.

Aelay on Vijay TV – Producer’s note:

This is stated in the statement issued by the producer. With just three days to go before the theatrical release, “Aelay” is set to hit the TV with some surprising new rules and unavoidable reasons. We, therefore, have a duty to take our film to audiences around the world, excluding theatres.

Twitter message

We are teaming up with Star Vijay TV to release the film for the first time on world television. The movie is aired on Sunday 28th February 2021 at 3 pm. Our company will always strive to provide opportunities for talent and quality stories for fans on all platforms, including theatre.
YNOT Studios is a company that boldly produces movies with new genres of stories. Not only does this boldness make a difference in the storylines of the films, but it also leads the way in adhering to innovation in all types of planning on the production side.

” Aelay” is a film that expresses human emotions, the aesthetics of life with humor and realism. Director Halitha Shameem has created this work very beautifully. This is the perfect creation for families to celebrate together. We are happy to release this film as a special screening on Star Vijay TV that has a larger audience.

Director’s note on Aelay’s TV release:

The Director of the movie said… I am very happy that my movie ‘ Aelay’ will reach a large number of viewers. Even before my journey as a director began, “Aelay” was a work close to my mind. It is a great pleasure to see my film reach a large number of fans in a single day, which is currently the biggest release. My thanks to Star Vijay TV for releasing this movie all over the world to such a huge site with a huge fan base.

Aelay team at the shooting spot

Reliance Entertainment Group CEO Shibasish Sarkar said …” Aelay” is a movie that families celebrate. We are proud to take this mind-blowing work to the homes of the audience. We understand the power of television and its grandeur. Glad to be a part of this huge movie release with Star Vijay TV.

Pushkar & Gayathri said on behalf of Wallwatcher Films … We are very confident that a good cinema will definitely reach its audience in some way. The movie ” Aelay” is the first work on behalf of our Wallwatcher Films. The heart-warming film will easily captivate all the fans. Star Vijay’s live TV special screening will bring this beautiful film to your homes. This new practice of bravery will open many new doors for creators and story tellers.

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