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ADK Evicted – Here is Ex-contestant Vanitha’s Comment!



Vanitha Vijayakumar’s tweet regarding ADK’s eviction from the Bigg Boss 6 house today has also caught the attention of many. Azeem was saved as usual when he came to the nominations in the last week of Bigg Boss 6. Bigg Boss evicted ADK this week. Viewers have said that the housemaid should be evicted, but now you have evicted. In this case, Vanitha, a former competitor, has tweeted in a different way.

ADK Evicted
ADK Evicted

ADK Evicted

Bigg Boss critic Imad tweeted that he was evicted. On seeing it, Vanitha said that the ex-contestants had sacrificed him unnecessarily and said it was an unnecessary task. Vanitha’s tweet has shocked many. People who saw Vanitha’s tweet said that many good contestants were sacrificed for this ADK. So, it doesn’t seem wrong from their point of view. Something is wrong with sister Vanitha. Tweet like this. You should have thought a little and posted the tweet, sister. Karma does not let go. The result is ADK. Said to have expelled.

Vanitha sister, we were expecting you to come to the Bigg Boss 6 house along with Suresh. It would have been great if you had come. Some contestants realize the mistake they are making. Bigg Boss viewers questioned Vanitha as to why sister, you did not come.

ADK Evicted
ADK Evicted

Then ADK says that the village girl is talking outside. You say about Even if you criticize him, you only come to see him talking. You may not have talked at all. ADK did 100 percent of the work he has given. Even his speech was interesting in itself. He should be a finalist. Maina Nandini’s supporters have said that Bigg Boss has unfairly evicted ADK after saving everything from Kathir. ADK is sick, so he couldn’t do the task. Bigg Boss tortured us by giving us debate tasks often for him. Bigg Boss viewers say that he would have kept ADK’s health in mind and evicted him.

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