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Abishek in Bigg Boss house – Created a Viral Content with Thamarai!



The fifth season of the Big Boss show is airing. The show, which features YouTube celebrities, TV channel celebrities, actors, musicians, and singers, is in full swing. In this, Vijay Abishek is starting to talk about everyone in a couple of days. Earlier, Abishek had been commenting on Abhinav, Varun, and Ciby, who starred in Master. Accordingly, he said, “Varun is the heir to the greatest producer, rich and simple and realistic,” “Ciby will not regret or be disappointed if one thing is not available,” and “Savitri’s grandson Abhinav is a boy who does not aspire to power in the royal family.” After that Abishek talked about his mother and started crying saying that he was often angry with her and that her mother was in great pain due to her divorce. Everyone reassured him.

Bigg Boss
Abishek in Bigg Boss house

Abishek in Bigg Boss house:

In this situation again Abishek has taken up the talk of talking about everyone. Abishek, who had earlier described Ikea Perry’s hairstyle in the style of a review on YouTube, next mentioned that Thamarai Selvi had a band on her forehead. As Abishek goes on to say that Ms. Thamarai Selvi is cheating the town by putting a bar on her forehead, Thamarai Selvi starts to explode as a game. Yes, smiling, “Can you look at me like that and say that?” Gathered all that and started to run the panchayat. Iman Annachi joins and asks Abishek, “How can you look at me and say that?” That’s it. Even though Thamarai Selvi did all this with a smile, at one point she said seriously, “I told you the truth, I get angry. Don’t just talk about it!” Warns that.

Thamarai Selvi
Abishek in Bigg Boss house

But Abishek falls on his feet and the two fall on each other’s feet jokingly as the Thamarai Selvi kneels back to it. Similarly, ask Thamarai Selvi, “Elimination but what will you do?” Ask the Thamarai, “Maybe you’ll be fine if you go out?” Says Nirup. Immediately, “Why do you say that? Am I happy with the catch?” Thamarai’s sister started talking and talked a lot. Continuing speaker Big Boss has AC in the house There is light Three meals are available I will be right here If you tell me to go, I will leave you instead Iman Annachi and Thamarai speaks with a real smile. Everyone was laughing at it.

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