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Abishek Eliminated as Second – This time Kamal Haasan warned many!



Season 5 of the Bigg Boss show is airing on Vijay TV. For the first time this season, Namitha Marimuthu has left the Bigg Boss house for some unavoidable reason. Notably, Namitha Marimuthu is the first transgender contestant to attend the Bigg Boss house. Following this, out of the 18 people who joined the Bigg Boss house on the first day, 17 contestants were present after Namitha Marimuthu left. Nadia was then the first person to be evicted from the Bigg Boss house according to the official nomination list. Many people, including fans and Kamal Haasan, made positive comments about him. she also took this very positively and walked out. This was followed by the next elimination. Speaking earlier, Kamal Haasan said, “Some of the incidents that usually happen when half a well is crossed are happening in the picks taken at Bigg Boss this season.

Bigg Boss
Abishek Eliminated as Second

There will be delays, including plotting, splitting into groups, and exchanging plans as the mission goes to both groups. When questioned by some of the insiders, they jumped on the bandwagon saying that I have never seen Bigg Boss. But when I look at their activities, it seems to me that they sit down and do homework, take notes and do research and ask for advice from adults who are more experienced in these plots!” That has mentioned. With so many more characters to play, it seems as if those home monsters have come without training to see if everyone will enjoy being the villain character. They will enjoy the benefits. You will enjoy it!” That has mentioned by looking at the audience.

Abishek Eliminated as Second

Abishek Eliminated as Second:

In this situation, Kamal first broke that Priyanka and Abhinay Save, who were on the nomination list, Kamal then went on to say that Iykki, Abhishek, and Chinna Ponnu were not among the outgoing contestants in the trio. Following this, Kamal said that he has going to pronounce the verdict of the people on who is leaving, adding that he has bowed to the verdict of the people and showed Abhishek’s name. Everyone shuddered. To tell Kamal to ‘tell and come’, Abhishek left the Bigg Boss house. Then some friends, including Pavani, would give him a coin and say, “No, no, this is the verdict of the people.” I do not want to be saved. I trust myself more than Coin. People want me not to be. We have to respect that!” He said that.

Kamal Haasan
Abishek Eliminated as Second

Niroop, has tried to persuade Abhishek in particular, said, “Why this coin if you have to go out like that? This elimination has something to do with the coin.” He said that. Priyanka has cried. While everyone is talking like this the Bigg Boss interrupted to say that the coin should be used only when given a chance, after which Abhishek said goodbye. Abhishek, who came out later, will be in the top 5. He told to Kamal that he thought it would happen if we were ourselves. He also showed a short film about the mixed events in which Abhishek lived at the Bigg Boss house, telling others to turn their attention to the subject of analytics.

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