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83 on OTT – Due to Spike in Omicron movie is releasing in OTT!



’83 ‘is a 1983 film that captures the success of the Indian cricket team. The film is directed by Kabir Khan and stars Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone. The movie has been delayed for two years due to the corona. Despite the OTT offer for the film with a deal worth hundreds of crores, the makers have been postponing the release as they will wait for the theatrical release. The movie was finally released as a Christmas present. As soon as the movie was released Omicron cases started to rise. That closed theatres in northern India, especially in Delhi and Bengal. 50 percent occupancy in Maharashtra so 83 collections are worse as restrictions are enforced everywhere where there is a market for Bollywood movies in North India as a whole.

83 on OTT

83 on OTT:

The talk comes as those who commented during the movie trailer release said aha oho are not interested in watching the movie. The movie trailer shows the amazing cricket going to be seen in the movie. So, the film is expected to connect to every single Indian sports fan cine fan. The film was also released in other languages. But the film has not been able to gross at least Rs 100 crore for so many days. At one point, there were doubts as to whether Allu Arjun’s Pushpa Hindi version would have grossed more than 83 films. In total, it has reached Rs 83 crore, close to Rs 100 crore so far. However, comments are coming in that this amount is not even at least half of the revenue expected by the makers. The latest comments made by director Kabir Khan are as well.

83 on OTT

Director’s decision:

He said in an interview that the situation at the theatres was not good after the release of the film. As soon as our film was released, sanctions were imposed in Delhi as well as in Bengal. He announced that 83 films would be streaming through OTT very soon if the same situation continues. The makers have already reached an agreement with OTT to stream in five or six weeks. But industry sources say it is likely to be released on OTT two to three weeks in advance as conditions at the theatres are not good. At the same time director, Kabir Khan also said the same thing. With that, the date for the streaming of 83 movies OTT is likely to come in a day or two. It is not surprising to jump into OTT directly without advertising. OTT is confident that 83 will be a super hit.

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