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83 Movie update – Makers were not promoting the legendary biopic!



Even star hero movies are likely to disappear if conditions in the movie industry do not come together. Because the movies are released on time, then the result will be different. But there is no news about the movie being postponed for a year due to Corona. It is also a legendary personality biopic. It is surprising that it is a movie starring a Bollywood star hero. Such a big star biopic. Doubts are being expressed as to why there is no rush on another big star acting movie.

83 Movie
83 Movie update

83 Movie update:

The biopic trend in India was started by the Bollywood industry. So far, the biopics trend is running well. But now there are doubts in the Bollywood industry as to whether the makers have shown much enthusiasm for biopics. Because the makers did not even conduct proper promotions for the previous Saina movie. The Saina Nehwal biopic had to be seen as just a normal movie. Now the same scene appears in the case of Kapil Dev, who presented the Cricket World Cup to India in 1983. Life biopic ’83’ movie. Because these are the days when movies have to engage with the audience no matter what the situation in the industry.

83 Movie stills
83 Movie update

Otherwise, it is unlikely to have a big impact on the release time. There is also a chance that people will take lightly that something is not special about an ordinary movie. So, when a legend biopic like Kapil Dev comes out it should also have the appropriate treatment when it stars a star like Ranveer Singh. The name of the movie should always be in the mouths of the people with promotions going on till it is released. But that is not happening now. More Basic is planned to be released in Bollywood as well as in Southern languages. The talk is that the release is ever but the makers seem to have taken it very lightly.


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