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2nd Money Box Task– This is the first time in Bigg Boss History!



For the first time in the history of Bigg Boss, Bigg Boss has again given that task and made suspicious. Bigg Boss Season 6 has reached its 101st day today. The finale of Bigg Boss season 6 will be celebrated on Sunday. In this, one party says that Azeem is the winner and another party says that Vikraman is the Bigg Boss title winner and they are fighting on social media.

2nd Money Box Task
2nd Money Box Task

2nd Money Box Task

In this case, all the housemates are inside the Bigg Boss house for the finale week this week. The conflict between them is now on a different level than when they were rivals in the Bigg Boss house. In this case, Bigg Boss has once again given the money box task in the Bigg Boss house and has made it difficult.

Yesterday the money bag task was given. Bigg Boss tied a red bag in the garden area and asked who would leave with this bag. 3 lakh rupees was kept in that bag. The amount was expected to increase over time. But VJ Kathiravan walked out of the Bigg Boss house with Rs 3 lakh cash.

2nd Money Box Task
2nd Money Box Task

Kathiravan, who was ahead of him so that no one should take the bag of money, was left with 3 lakhs. In this case, Bigg Boss has given the same task again. Bigg Boss sent the money box today while sending the money bag yesterday. So far in the history of Bigg Boss Tamil, the money box task has never been given twice. This is the second time that the money box has entered the Bigg Boss house and the housemates are shocked.

While the expectation is high as to who will leave with the cash box this time, Kathiravan who got away with 3 lakh rupees yesterday is being scolded. Netizens are saying that this money box is the forehead kick given by Bigg Boss to Kathiravan who finished the game in three minutes with three lakh rupees and this time it is Amudhavanan who will leave with the money box.

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