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12th Man Teaser – The Drishyam Combo is yet again back!



The combination of Malayalam superstar Mohanlal and Jeetu Joseph means there will be a lot of crazes. Previously super hit films like Drishyam – Drishyam 2 from this duo entertained audiences in many languages. The Drishyam created a sensation as a bumper hit series in Malayalam-Tamil-Telugu. Now the same couple is coming back with their new project 12th Man. The film is releasing live on Disney Plus Hot Star. Recently the movie teaser has released. The teaser says that every person has three different lives public life, private life, and secret life. The dialogue narrated by Mohanlal at the end of the teaser aroused curiosity. His role in the thriller can be assessed with the dialogue “It’s time to blow the final whistle”. 12th Man Teaser is here.

12th Man Teaser

Curiosity lingered in the audience as to how this movie was going to be with the teaser. It has understood that Jeetu-Mohanlal is going to entertain with another thriller. Unni Mukundan- Size Kurup- Shivada- Anu Sithara- Anushree- Priyanka Nair- Anu Mohan is playing other key roles in 12th Man. It has understood that this movie is going to show that every ordinary man has an unexpected secret angle that no one else has. However, the reason behind the title 12th Man can only be understood by looking at the screen. Also, the release date of the film has to be announced. Mohanlal 12th Man is releasing live on OTT after films like Bro Daddy.

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